GAME Pole Position 2012 (PC/ENG)

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Pole Position 2012 

DOWNLOAD GAME Pole Position 2012 (PC/ENG)

 Pole Position 2012 offers you additional options than ever in an exceedingly Formula one racing team management simulation. the total technology tree was revised from the bottom up and you've got to choose your own analysis from over a hundred new technology comes. The team management system is simpler to use and is even additional fascinating. And even when it involves your own satisfaction, you'll create your dreams return true and find a sports automobile, a villa or maybe a personal jet plane. however it doesn’t matter how you build your racing team, your goal is usually the same: create the proper selections, choose the proper folks and win the globe Championship! 

System ReuierMent
Windows XP/7  
2.4 GHz dual core 
1.5 GB RAM 
NVIDIA GeForce 8000 series or better
1 GB Free Space

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Size: 2.6 GB

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