Download JPCSP v0.6 r2143 [PSP Emulator for PC]

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JPCSP Team has released a new version of its Java emulator for the PSP. This emulator is one of the most advanced PC but Mac and Linux versions are also disonibles on the official site. This project was started in July 2008 and is developed by a team of some members. This emulator goes SVN revision r2143 and now seems to run on 64bit PCs.

Pojeta this is still BETA, but more than 200 games are currently compatible. List of compatible games


sceFont: avoid NullPointerException when debug.jpft is not present.
sceMpeg: Fixed sceMpegMallocAvcEsBuf () when resetting Jpcsp.
scePsmf: Fix reading of the EP card.

Download Link :
JPCSP Official Site Download Page

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